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calendar Nov 7, 2019

Gaining Financial Control of Enterprise IT Costs in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


Gartner predicts the public cloud services industry will grow exponentially through 2022. Businesses of all sizes are migrating data center workloads to cloud environments thanks to providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 

However, migrating all data to the cloud is not feasible for particular companies or public sector agencies. They can certainly reduce their dependence on data centers, but they might never move fully into cloud. For these enterprises and agencies, utilizing a hybrid cloud infrastructure may offer greater capabilities, increased cost savings, and better overall security. 

Nevertheless, hybrid cloud users can face some logistical nightmares. They’re challenged with collecting IT cost data from multiple sources, including public clouds and local resources, often resorting to spreadsheet accounting and other manual processes. 

In this webinar, CloudCheckr Director of Product, Travis Rehl, alongside Product Marketing Director, Todd Bernhard, lead an open discussion on the logistics of managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure. They also introduce CloudCheckr FinanceManager, an easy-to-implement solution for IT financial managers and managed service providers (MSPs) to charge and account for the cost of hybrid workloads.



Travis Rehl, CloudCheckr Senior Director of Product

Todd Bernhard, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Director


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