Webinar | Security
calendar Oct 15, 2020

Mastering Maximum Security, Reliability, and Performance in the Cloud

In the last 6 months, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have migrated to the cloud at a rapid rate. Part of that motivation comes from the need to deliver new or improved services to customers. Another new push comes from needing to give remote employees 24/7 access to crucial information.

But how does a company provide those services while maintaining maximum security, reliability, and performance in the cloud? Eplexity, a CloudCheckr partner and leading next-gen MSP for Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivers that enterprise-grade support SMBs need both during and after migration. 

In this webinar, experts from Eplexity share exactly how they reduce cloud computing costs and find security vulnerabilities to meet AWS Well-Architected Review standards. Our experts also break down the tooling provided by CloudCheckr, a total visibility SaaS solution, that powers the core of Eplexity’s world-class services.  

Attendees will learn: 

  • The essential building blocks for a highly secure cloud environment 
  • How to maintain low cloud computing costs while strengthening your attack surface
  • Practical application of CloudCheckr automation capabilities


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