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Webinar Resource March 2, 2017

Optimize Your EC2 Fleet with CloudCheckr Spot Management


About The Video

AWS Spot Instances offer organizations a way to save money on excess compute capacity; any organization running their business in the cloud should be taking advantage of the Spot Market. However, fluctuating capacity or workload interruptions are an unfortunate reality of Spot Instances that often deter AWS cloud users from using them for mission-critical applications.

CloudCheckr Spot Management, powered by Spotinst, offers AWS users the visibility, resource predictability, and automatic scaling flexibility they need to manage and optimize their Spot fleet. This webcast covers some of the most important considerations CloudCheckr Spot Management addresses, including:

  • Why visibility and control across EC2 resources is critical to managing and optimizing costs
  • How Spotinst enables more informed, proactive Spot Market purchases
  • Why predictive analytics and algorithms are key to forecasting capacity needs
  • How automatic capacity scaling can foster 60-80% cost savings with Spot Instances

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