Webinar | Cost Management
calendar Sep 24, 2020

How to Uncover Unforeseen Cloud Charges and Take Control of Your Costs

Managing public cloud resources in a dynamic, fast-growing environment can quickly get out-of-hand for even the most experienced user. Cloud cost structures can be opaque, and you may find it difficult to understand just where those costs are coming from. 

Often, unexpected cloud costs stem from underutilized or wasted resources lingering in your environment. But a lesser known method to uncovering unforeseen charges comes from keeping an eye on your data transfer costs. While you may know providers charge for data exiting their cloud, data transfer costs are commonly overlooked. 

Watch “How to Uncover Unforeseen Cloud Charges and Take Control of Your Costs” to help understand some of the underlying causes behind your costly cloud bill. Learn the nuances around data transfer costs, identifying unused/underutilized resources (like ELB’s, EBS volumes & their snapshots), employing tags and billing alerts to help prevent cost overruns. 

Breaking down their best practices for an optimized environment will be CloudCheckr Product Marketing Director, Todd Bernhard and Sycomp Cloud Solutions Architect, Blaine Busse. Join us live or on-demand. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • How to surface unknown data transfer costs, like Inter- & Intra-Region data transfer & Egress costs
  • The power of right sizing and strategic billing discounts on usage 
  • How to use both CloudCheckr and Sycomp to save on cloud costs and optimize your environments


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