Cloud Managed Services in 2022: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Untapped Opportunities

What do today’s leading IT partners invest in to deliver “white glove” managed services to cloud customers? What are the most common roadblocks across the competitive landscape that keep most managed service providers (MSPs) from achieving efficiency and profitability?

CloudCheckr and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) teamed up on a new survey to find out what makes a modern service provider successful. Researchers sought to uncover the customer demands driving changes to IT partner business models and where the real opportunities lie in 2022 for both customer and partner growth alike. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • Specific cloud capabilities in highest demand by cloud end-users 
  • Today’s most common roadblocks to profitable service delivery and how a cloud management platform (CMP) can help
  • Opportunities around automating end-to-end managed service operations

Join CloudCheckr’s Head of Global Partner Development and ESG’s Channel Acceleration Practice Director as they reveal new findings about the keys to efficient, profitable managed services delivery. 

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