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Cloud Pricing and Cost Optimization: How to Avoid Unexpected AWS Fees

The public cloud is scalable and reliable but its ease-of-use presents a new set of challenges. Avoid enabling services that result in huge AWS bills or forgetting about large instances while still paying for them month to month. Learn how in our latest webinar featuring N2WS/Veeam.

Join experts from CloudCheckr and N2WS/Veeam for our latest webinar on “Cloud Pricing and Cost Optimization: How to Avoid Unexpected AWS Fees.”

Since the adoption of public cloud services, IT infrastructures have become dynamic and complex environments. Now, users can spin up new cloud resources in seconds, and make snap decisions on instance types, storage types, and payment mechanisms. And while scalable and reliable, these new processes present a challenge. Individuals can mistakenly enable services that result in huge surprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) bills, or forget about an oversized Microsoft Azure or AWS instance and end up paying for it month after month.

You’ll Learn

Cloud cost optimization is the process of adjusting your monthly cloud usage based on a set of cost-saving best practices. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to utilize some of these best practices, including rightsizing instances to scale, and eliminating underused resources.

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: The first 100 live attendees will receive $50 AWS credit, courtesy of N2WS/Veeam.

Thursday, May 15 10:00am EST

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