Diving in Cloud-First: How To Modernize Your Cloud Architecture

Incorporating cloud into your IT stack isn’t just about saving time and money, but also about achieving greater efficiency and flexibility around product or service delivery and day-to-day operations. Even if you’ve been “in the cloud” for a decade, newer technologies like microservices and serverless mean you may be overdue for a refresh if you want to be agile and efficient.

In this webinar, we’ll show you various strategies for rethinking application-driven decisions when it comes to modernizing your architecture. Learn from CloudCheckr’s Chief Architect, Bob Pease, how you can optimize your cloud technology to bring down high infrastructure costs, increase the speed in which you deploy applications, and improve observability. 

We’ll dive even deeper into CloudCheckr’s own process for transforming our SaaS enterprise application to deliver industry-leading cloud management technology. 

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to use your cloud-native architecture to give you more flexibility and efficiency 
  • How CloudCheckr modernized its own all-in-one cloud management platform
  • Everyday tools you can use to analyze and monitor your modern technology

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