How 3 Government Agencies Manage Their Cloud Environments Responsibly and Securely

Learn how three federal agencies got proactive with managing their cloud to maximize benefit and minimize risks.

Harnessing innovative technologies… Managing new inventory… Allocating cost and usage accurately… When it comes to the cloud, government agencies face high stakes.

While cybersecurity remains at the forefront of most IT strategies, cloud managers in the public sector can also be deeply affected by operational inefficiencies and lack of visibility into public cloud environments.

Join our cloud experts as they dive into three informative government cloud case studies, from challenge to solution. They’ll share the unique IT issues of a government transportation agency, a government medical center, and a government agency in the Intelligence Community, and reveal how they managed to solve them securely and responsibly.

Attendees will learn:

  • Strategy and metrics used by government agencies to manage cloud infrastructure responsibly and securely
  • Tools available to public sector organizations for cloud management
  • Examples of organizational best practices for optimal operational efficiency

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