How to Help Your Customers Build a Cost-Efficient Cloud Strategy 

Job cuts and pauses are flowing into the tech sector as the year comes to a close, but that doesn’t mean cloud growth is slowing down. Gartner predicts that cloud migration is not going anywhere in 2023, anticipating nearly $600 billion in public cloud spend next year.  

So with an eye to the future—and on the purse strings—what can a cloud managed service provider (MSP) do to help their customers feel confident about their cloud spend in 2023? Join product and engineering leaders Anu Subramanian for CloudCheckr and Patrick Gartlan for Spot Eco, to learn how visibility, optimization, and automation play a role in a cost-efficient cloud strategy in both the good times and the bad.   

In this webinar, you will learn:  

  • Why it’s important to share with a customer exactly how much they’re spending in the cloud, and when they’re spending it 
  • When it’s the right time to automate a customer’s cloud spend 
  • How to change your own perspective on cloud management tools and the ways you can build professional services around them