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Operational Excellence: How to Reduce Cloud Waste, Schedule Tasks, and Automate DevOps

Learn how to achieve operational efficiency using advanced automation. Our experts will show you how to simplify processes and save your teams hundreds of personnel hours, while simultaneously lowering cloud bills.

The work-from-home era has accelerated the corporate shift to cloud computing power. Now, businesses are finding that their IT infrastructure is growing quicker than ever, steadily inching above what their teams can both manage and afford. 

This webinar takes aim at modern operational challenges in the cloud and solves them with advanced automation. Industry experts will share proven best practices for reducing waste, scheduling tasks, and automating DevOps workflows.

Join top tier leadership from both CloudCheckr, a leading cloud infrastructure governance platform, and Skeddly, a managed scheduling service, to learn how you can simplify processes and save your teams hundreds of hours, all while lowering your cloud bill in the process.  

Attendees will learn: 

  • Common operational challenges faced while ramping up cloud usage
  • How to reduce AWS waste, schedule tasks, and automate DevOps workflows using CloudCheckr and Skeddly
  • How automation can keep your cloud expenses under budget