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Set Your Public Cloud Flight Plan with AWS Control Tower and CloudCheckr CMx

Learn how to maintain efficiency, governance at scale, and achieve faster time to ROI using CloudCheckr’s integration with AWS Control Tower.

CloudCheckr CMx is now integrated with AWS Control Tower. What does that mean for CloudCheckr users? It means seamless scaling their multi-account organizations without the need to configure individual accounts in CloudCheckr CMx. As customers deploy a new account with AWS Control Tower, an account is automatically configured in CloudCheckr CMx.  This automatic setup allows CloudCheckr users to maintain efficiency and enact governance at scale—ultimately achieving faster time to ROI from using CloudCheckr.

Learn how to:

  • Use CloudCheckr’s integration with AWS Control Tower to benefit your workflow
  • Easily scale multi-account organizations with newly deployed accounts 
  • Automatically configure accounts when they are added via AWS Control Tower, with no manual work required
  • Get started using CloudCheckr CMx and AWS Control Tower

Visit CloudCheckr CMx on AWS Marketplace to see how you can get started using CloudCheckr. Find out more information about the AWS Control Tower and CloudCheckr integration.