The Six Principles of Cloud FinOps (and How MSPs Can Play a Vital Role in Each)

FinOps provides a major opportunity for cloud service providers to improve cost management practices for their customers. 

Leaders in the space often refer to a set of principles laid out by the FinOps Foundation as north stars that shape activities around FinOps practices. The opportunity, then, as a Managed Service Provider, is to help guide your customers along their FinOps journeys by understanding and leveraging these principles. 

In this webinar, we walk through the six principles of cloud FinOps with our partner Cloudar and offer recommendations on how MSPs can play a vital role in each. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Specific cloud capabilities you can provide that align with the six principles of FinOps to help better serve your customers
  • Ways to go above-and-beyond with your offering based on recommendations from FinOps Alliance founder Benjamin van der Maas
  • How CloudCheckr, along with Spot’s complementary FinOps products, align to the FinOps journey

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