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Article Resource December 19, 2017

CloudCheckr New User Interface Puts Reports Front and Center

CloudCheckr is a robust cloud management platform (CMP) that offers a variety of features to help enterprises, resellers, and public sector organizations optimize their public cloud ecosystems. While most competing platforms only offer cost optimization or security, CloudCheckr offers both. The added functionality is great for customers, but it also means more menus to navigate. To make it easier, we have revamped the user interface. The new look was previewed at AWS re:Invent the last week in November and earned a lot of praise.

The design takes a lot of cues from the mobile app world and frees up more of the screen’s real estate for CloudCheckr’s extensive reports. Previously, the side menu was a long list of text-based menu options. Now, the app shows icons for categories like Cost, Best Practice Checks, Security, Utilization, and Automation. Once an icon is selected, the familiar text menu displays. Select a task and the menu goes away. The header also takes up less vertical space by using icons and a “hamburger” (three horizontal lines) menu, similar to a mobile app.



The result of this new design is that users can navigate more quickly and see a lot more content on the screen. For example, the previous interface on a standard monitor could display three accounts; now it can show five.

Service Providers and Enterprises have always been able to customize the app with their logo and assign an accent color. Now, they will have the option to upload a specific logo for use in PDF or printed documents, such as reports and invoices, separate from the on-screen logo.

This is just the beginning of a more responsive, user-friendly interface for CloudCheckr that offers complete control of your cloud, while keeping the navigation minimal and effective so you can focus on your job. The new CloudCheckr user interface will roll out to all customers on December 19th, 2017.

NOTE: If you are not seeing the new user interface, do a “hard refresh” by holding down the Control key and pressing the F5 key, or Command key and R on a Mac, or manually clear your browser cache and try again.

Todd Bernhard
Todd Bernhard is a Product Marketing Director at CloudCheckr. He has earned his AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, and Google Cloud G-Suite certifications. He has been administering, teaching and developing on Unix systems since 1984 including 16 years at Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. In 2010, Todd founded the award-winning app development firm This photo is the last known image of him wearing a tie!
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