AWS Well-Architected Framework Start-to-Finish

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How Enterprise, Public Sector, and Regulated Industries Build for the Cloud with Best Practices

Being prepared is more than a mindset or philosophy. It’s about physical, logical steps you can take to set yourself up for future success. When it comes to modernizing your business or public sector organization, it pays to be prepared. That’s where the AWS Well-Architected Framework comes into play.

Are IT professionals up for the challenge?

Amazon Web Services created the Well-Architected Framework as a guide to designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud. But how do you get started? When should you perform a Well-Architected Review? Who can help you navigate the complexity of cloud IT in enterprise, public sector, and regulated industries in order to achieve a Well-Architected infrastructure?

Our experts assembled on April 1st to answer these AWS Well-Architected questions and more. Watch the first-ever CloudCheckr Live, from the comfort of your home office, for a 1-hour expert roundtable discussion that explains the concepts making up the AWS Well-Architected Framework from start-to-finish.

What is CloudCheckr Live?

CloudCheckr Live is our new remote learning series—connecting you with experts across timezones—to bring the latest insight and education, in a roundtable discussion, on accelerating cloud adoption across enterprises, public sector, and managed services.

Meet the Experts

Jon Myer

Jon Myer

Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Jon Myer is a partner solutions architect for cloud management tools at AWS. Prior to joining AWS, Jon worked as a senior cloud solutions architect at NetEnrich AWS, an AWS consultant for DevOps and Solutions at MetroStar Systems, and an AWS course author at Linux Academy. A self-described evangelist for all things AWS, Jon holds a host of AWS certifications and blogs at TheAWSBlogger.com.

Bob Pease

Bob Pease

Director of Development, CloudCheckr

As a founding employee, Bob has worn many hats during his time at CloudCheckr. From software developer to DevOps engineer and customer support representative to people manager. Today his focus is on CloudCheckr’s architecture as he helps teams build solutions that will empower the future of cloud management.

Rian Brooks-Kane

Rian Brooks-Kane

Solutions Architect, Idea 11

Rian is a Solutions Architect working with Idea 11’s current and prospective clients to help turn business strategy into technical innovation.

As one of Idea 11’s longest-serving experts, Rian has had deep experience from helping customers build on-premises data centre infrastructure in the old days, managing Idea 11’s TechOps team, to now helping customers digitally transform in the cloud.

Adam Kranitz

Adam Kranitz

CloudCheckr Live Moderator

Adam is the Senior Director of Communications at CloudCheckr. With 20+ years of experience in media technology and enterprise SaaS, Adam has launched the film, video, audio, and music creation software used by the biggest names in entertainment while at Avid Technology and led go-to-market programs, including product marketing, at CloudCheckr.