Blog   |   Cloud Management   |   June 13, 2023

Spot and AWS Deliver an Integrated Deployment Experience with CloudCheckr Built-in Solution

Spot by NetApp is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop a CloudCheckr with AWS Built-in solution that automatically installs, configures, and integrates with native AWS Cloud Foundational Services across multiple domains, such as identity, governance, security, and operations.

As a premier partner of the AWS Built-in program, CloudCheckr is now offered as a turn-key solution that can be deployed quickly and easily through the AWS Marketplace.


CloudCheckr with AWS native services built-in

AWS with CloudCheckr Built-in

Organizations migrate to AWS to achieve their goals for scale, simplicity, and cost savings. However, along the way, users may struggle with the complex and often time-consuming process of operationalizing integrated solutions in a multi-account environment.

To support a seamless deployment, AWS Built-in solutions are integrated with AWS native services in an automated deployment package. Third-party software with the AWS Built-in designation now has all the power of AWS foundational services packaged into a single offering that can be automatically deployed based on AWS best practices to deliver peace of mind and a smooth cloud journey.

Using modularized code from AWS, CloudCheckr with AWS Built-in automatically deploys the CloudCheckr solution into the customer’s environment and configures AWS services in a single motion.  This reduces the time and complexity required for integration, while increasing security and monitoring capabilities, thereby helping customers to drive realized business value from AWS even faster.


Visibility and actionable insights to better manage your cloud

CloudCheckr, from Spot by NetApp, is a robust cloud management platform, purpose-built to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments at scale. CloudCheckr delivers a unique level of visibility to help better manage and reduce cloud costs, optimize resources, improve governance, and strengthen security and compliance.

CloudCheckr provides unique visibility and analytics together with hundreds of best practice checks and automation to deliver the most robust solution for cloud management. CloudCheckr includes:

  • Deep cloud visibility with comprehensive reporting: Gain unparalleled visibility and analytics on current and historical cloud spend and compute resources, delivered through interactive dashboards and granular reports. Know how cloud funds are being spent and ensure expenditures do not exceed budgets.
  • Cost optimization and waste reduction: Continuously monitor cloud costs, resource utilization, and usage. Optimize cloud spend by 30% or more by identifying and removing idle, unused, or incorrectly provisioned resources and by rightsizing and rebalancing instances.
  • Optimization for Reserved Instances and Savings Plans: Achieve the best pricing for cloud with the greatest flexibility and maximum utilization.
  • Security risk management: Automatically identify cloud infrastructure misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and get remediation recommendations, many with automated self-healing.
  • Compliance support: Continuously monitor cloud configuration compliance for over 35 regulations and frameworks, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, CIS, NIST, SOC2 and many more.
  • Well-Architected Readiness Advisor: Get up-to-date information to complete AWS Well-Architected Reviews in a single, easy-to-view report, with critical insights to fix issues and ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Automated invoice generation: Automatically generate invoices for cloud services, and accurately allocate costs to the appropriate cost center for chargeback/show back.

CloudCheckr is available as part of the AWS Built-in program through the AWS Marketplace,

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