Guide Amazon Web Services May 11, 2017

Amazon EBS: An Essential Guide to Cost and Performance Optimization

AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) is Amazon’s most widely used cloud storage service—and with good reason. It is designed specifically for use with EC2, is suited to a wide variety of use cases, offers four different volume types, and boasts an extensive range of options and features.

However, it’s essential you use EBS wisely by striking the right balance between cost and performance, and eliminating unnecessary waste on storage resources.

To make the most of your organization’s cloud spend and leverage resources efficiently, it’s important to understand Amazon EBS. This comprehensive guide helps you to:

  • Understand the different EBS volume types from a cost and performance perspective

  • Anticipate and prevent potential hidden EBS costs

  • Reduce EBS expenses down the line through proactive monitoring tips, and more

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