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Webinar Resource March 7, 2017

5 Ways CloudCheckr Can Help Simplify Your Complicated AWS Bill Today

About The Video

Finalized AWS bills are in! Are you happy with what you see? Confused maybe? We’re here to help. At the beginning of each month, many of our customers tend to ask the same questions about their AWS bill. We’ve decided to answer the most common ones, and open the floor for an interactive Q&A. This webinar, featuring CloudCheckr expert and Support team all-star Aaron Gettings, will go over:

  • What’s the best way to know when your AWS bill is ready?
  • Discrepancies between AWS invoices and Advanced Grouping
  • Charges that do NOT show up in CloudCheckr until your AWS bill is finalized
  • Actions that are delayed until your bill is finalized
  • Account Family peculiarities

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