Webinar | Cost Management
calendar Jun 18, 2020

Cut Costs and Boost ROI with Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances and AWS Savings Plans


June 18, 2020 2pm ET 


In a mid-March 2020 survey from brokerage firm Instinet, 68% of CIOs said that cloud services would become more of a priority for their businesses this year. But as companies scale cloud usage up, it becomes absolutely crucial to keep an eye on costs.

To do so, many are opting to implement popular purchasing models offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, like Reserved Instance contracts and Savings Plans.

In this webinar, experts from CloudCheckr and Lightstream share their cost-conscious approaches to RIs, Savings Plans, and other cloud commitment strategies. Take this opportunity to ask our experts about your business use cases as they share their experiences with resource management, utilization, and turning cloud optimization into tangible return on investment.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How to prime your business for Savings Plans and Reserved Instances
  • Which AWS and Azure purchasing model is right for you
  • Common mistakes while making resource commitments
  • How to use cloud cost management strategies to see tangible business results


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