Tools to help you succeed in scaling your cloud.

Upcoming Webinar October 25, 2017
Game of Zones: Introducing ZoneCheckr
game of zones: introducing zonecheckr wondering what cloud platform can best serve your users? wonder no more with our latest free tool, zonecheckr. this free web tool helps you visualize the computing regions for the major cloud platforms, including aws, azure, google cloud and oracle. in this webinar, todd bernhard, the creator of zonecheckr, will discuss: - the reasoning behind creating zonecheckr - how to use the tool - interesting observations - future expansion tune in and see how you can use zonecheckr for your business.
Upcoming Webinar November 07, 2017
AWS re:Invent Preview
aws re:invent preview going to aws re:invent? or not sure? let deb schleede, our community manager and jarrett plante, our event manager, clue you in on what to expect - and what might be unexpected - at the biggest aws event of the year! deb and jarrett will discuss: - the show floor - the speakers - the after-hours events and parties - the best swag - setting up meetings get prepped for re:invent with this and much more.
Upcoming Webinar November 14, 2017
Multi-Cloud Billing and Invoicing with CloudCheckr
multi-cloud billing and invoicing with cloudcheckr msps and csps and resellers often have a tough enough time generating invoices for their customers. add to that the demands of a multi-cloud environment, with aws, azure, google cloud and more, and it becomes extremely challenging to allocate billing and invoicing. the solution is automation. cloudcheckr can automatically generate invoices and even help resellers profit by keeping discounts and credits allocated among clients, presenting list price, as well as custom charges and credits as desired. in this webinar, attendees will learn how to turn billing and invoicing from a nuisance to a profit center.
Recorded Webinar October 12, 2017
Security by Design – Modernizing Technology Governance
security by design – modernizing technology governance up-front design of your cloud environment can be done in a way that creates a reliably secure and controlled environment no matter how the aws resources are used. this session will focus on "security by design" principles and show how an aws environment can be configured to provide a reliable operational security control capability across, such as: - organizational governance - asset inventory and control - logical access controls - operating system configuration - database security - applications security configurations why this session: cloud computing is becoming the new normal, the question isn’t “if” anymore, it’s really just “how fast can we move?” and “what are we going to move first” because of this trend organizations need to understand their security and compliance capabilities and shared responsibilities for security as they migrate resources to the cloud. whether its clinical trial simulations with bristol myers-squibb, who uses aws to run clinical trial simulations for 64% less cost; in 1.2 hours vs. 60 hours or galata chemicals who are running their development and test workloads in the cloud. organizations need to start with a “secure by design approach, which support security at scale as they increase their use of cloud resources.”
Recorded Webinar October 12, 2017
Closing The Skills Gap: Accelerating Governance with Cloud Automation
closing the skills gap: accelerating governance with cloud automation business agility and faster speed to market are often primary drivers of enterprise cloud strategies. it organizations often implement a cloud center of excellence (ccoe) model to streamline operations, but without effective automation these teams can quickly become a bottleneck to the broader business strategy. in this session, enterprise cloud thought leader nathan wallace, ceo & founder of turbot, will address how software-defined operations can deliver agility, elevate the business value of the cloud center of excellence, and ensure compliance for your organization. specifically: - the business impact of moving to software defined operations - how to enable self-service cloud while improving security and compliance. - how automation allows the ccoe to focus on higher value delivery. - benchmarks and kpis to measure the effectiveness of your automation strategy about the speaker nathan wallace is the founder and ceo of turbot hq, inc. nathan is recognized as a transformational leader that has enabled some of the world's largest enterprise organizations to make the transition to public cloud. nathan has recently been profiled by cio applications and was a featured guest on the aws podcast. prior to starting turbot, nathan was the global director of cloud & devops for a fortune 50 multi-national pharmaceutical company.
Recorded Webinar October 12, 2017
Keeping Pace with The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scale
keeping pace with the cloud: managing and optimizing as you scale with cloud maturity comes operational efficiencies and endless potential for innovation and business growth. however, the complexities of governing cloud infrastructure are impeding without the right strategy. visibility, accountability, and actionable insights are some of the most invaluable considerations. the aws cloud clearly enables convenience and cost savings for organizations that know how to leverage its full potential. amazon ec2 reserved instances (ris), in particular, present a tremendous opportunity when scaling to save significantly on capacity but there are many considerations to fully reaping the benefits of ris. in this session, cloudcheckr cto patrick gartlan will present issues that every organization runs into when scaling, provide best practices for how to combat them and help you show your boss how ris help you save money and move faster.
Recorded Webinar September 20, 2017
Benchmarking Instances for Cost and Performance
benchmarking instances for cost and performance 1.7 million. that’s how many permutations of an amazon web services (aws) ec2 instance that are possible, according to gartner research. that’s a lot of room for a wrong decision. thankfully, public cloud customers aren’t left to decide on their own, that’s where benchmarking comes in. in this webinar, you’ll learn: - from general purpose to accelerated computing to compute or storage optimized, learn about types of instances - which tools are available to benchmark cost and performance - how to ensure the right sizes of the right resources to eliminate waste
Recorded Webinar September 14, 2017
Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security
understanding the shared responsibility model for cloud security moving to the cloud has the potential to increase the security of your data, as long as best practices are followed. chief among them is the “shared responsibility model” pioneered by amazon web services (aws). what is shared responsibility? the cloud provider ensures a secure infrastructure with physical security while the customer holds responsibility for following cloud management best practices. in this webinar, you’ll learn: - how to implement the shared responsibility model in your organization - how to monitor and maintain control of your cloud’s security and compliance posture with proactive monitoring, alerts, and reports - how 450+ critical pre-built security best practice checks by the cloudcheckr in-house experts provides peace of mind for any new public cloud customer
Recorded Webinar September 08, 2017
Migrate to VMware on AWS
migrate to vmware on aws vmware has embraced the cloud, specifically amazon web services, with their recent announcement. now vmware implementations can migrate to aws with relative ease. but how do you plan for such a move? there are clear benefits to using the cloud, including the ability to leverage aws services like s3 storage, but there are also challenges. in this webinar, attendees will learn: - how to calculate the cost of a comparable cloud configuration - what aws services are available - advantages to a hybrid cloud configuration
Recorded Webinar August 25, 2017
Back to School: Mandatory Cloud Terminology You Need to Know
back to school: mandatory cloud terminology you need to know ec2, s3, vm, rds... the cloud has a language all its own. with all of these terms and acronyms, which vary by cloud vendor, it's hard to know what people are talking about sometimes. during this webinar, cloud professor todd bernhard will discuss the terminology that apply to all cloud vendors as well as some that are unique to aws and microsoft azure, specifically: - definitions - concepts - acronyms
Recorded Webinar August 09, 2017
Back to School: Common AWS Misconfigurations
back to school: common aws misconfigurations getting started on amazon web services (aws) cloud is relatively straightforward, and empowers teams as never before to accelerate their business and innovate faster. to make the most of aws, organizations must ensure compliance and security of their infrastructure, while optimizing cloud cost and expenses. yet with aws releasing new features and services nearly every day, this can prove challenging in a continuously evolving environment. in this webinar we will discuss ten of the most common aws misconfigurations, and typical recommendations for resolving them. we’ve broken down these common errors in three buckets: - security and compliance - cost and expenses - operational best practices.
Recorded Webinar August 03, 2017
TechTalk: Security Demo and S3 Breach Update
techtalk: security demo and s3 breach update when choosing for a cloud management platform (cmp) enterprises should be looking for security and compliance capabilities in addition to cost management and cloud governance. cloudcheckr is a full-service cmp that delivers "all of the above." additionally, enterprises need to understand their role in the shared responsibility model, in order to fully meet security standards like fedramp, hipaa, pci and more. the recent s3 breaches are examples of customers not using the tools aws provides to keep their cloud secure. join us for a hands-on demonstration of some of the more popular features of cloudcheckr, including: - best practice checks - automated "fix now" capabilities that can save time and effort - security and compliance tools - s3 breach and cloudcheckr's free s3checkr.com tool
Recorded Webinar July 24, 2017
Take Your AWS Cloud Investment to the Next Level
take your aws cloud investment to the next level aws cloud is one of the leading cloud providers in the market—and amazon solutions like trusted advisor, cost explorer, cloudtrail, cloudwatch, and inspector can help organizations begin to manage their iaas infrastructure more efficiently. however, the valuable data provided by these services can be more efficiently leveraged with tools that offer deeper visibility and control. join us to learn tools and tips to take your aws investment to the next level, including: - forecasting and tagging tips to predict and optimize cloud spend - a comprehensive approach to monitoring to ensure secure and compliant infrastructure - proactive risk detection and automated remediation tactics
Recorded Webinar July 20, 2017
Get Ready for DFARS - A CloudCheckr Workshop
get ready for dfars - a cloudcheckr workshop the clock is ticking on the latest cloud compliance mandate: nist special publication 800-171, otherwise known as dfars (defense federal acquisition regulation supplement). any organization or contractor that holds or processes unclassified department of defense (dod) data must ensure that they comply with the new dfars clause. december 31, 2017 is the ultimate deadline by which to prove compliance, so action is recommended as soon as possible. in this webinar, patrick gartlan (cloudcheckr cto), jeff bennett (allgress president/coo), and tim sandage (aws sr. security partner strategist) will lead an interactive workshop on what dfars regulation means for your business, specifically: ✔ specific requirements of the dfars regulation ✔ key controls that cloudcheckr provides to help you meet dfars requirements ✔ tools from allgress that map dfars requirements to cloudcheckr features
Recorded Webinar July 10, 2017
Best Practices for Consolidated Billing & Tagging to Reduce Multi-Account Costs
best practices for consolidated billing & tagging to reduce multi-account costs amazon web services (aws) provides organizations with the option of consolidated billing, to unify data from separate accounts under one centralized payer account. consolidated billing enables simplified operations for large organizations, while increasing the possibility of volume discounts. however, with consolidation comes the responsibility of allocation; organizations with multiple accounts—departments, projects, customers, etc.—are faced with the challenge of enforcing accountability. for internal teams, budget allocation and forecasting can be a struggle; for managed service providers, chargebacks and invoicing can be a nightmare. the cloudcheckr platform offers tagging to help user manage their instances, images, and ec2 resources. in this webcast, learn how to leverage consolidated billing and tagging to improve efficiencies and reduce cloud costs. attendees will learn: - how consolidated billing helps to improve governance and save on volume purchasing for multiple cloud accounts - why tagging is critical to managing budgets, allocating costs, and enabling chargebacks - what to consider when creating a tagging strategy - how cloudcheckr helps automate billing processes across accounts
Recorded Webinar July 06, 2017
Earning Margin: How AWS MSPs & Consulting Partners Scale & Increase Profits
earning margin: how aws msps & consulting partners scale & increase profits amazon web services (aws) recently conducted an aws consulting partner study to understand how successful partners become profitable. the study revealed an overwhelming response that the biggest pain point is the complexity of billing clients with accuracy and efficiency. however, with the right cloud management platform, aws consulting partners gain the ability to focus on their core competencies and less on business operations like monthly billing, invoicing, and chargebacks. during this webcast, aws channel strategist mira ayad and cloudcheckr emea channel manager tony roebuck will review the aws consulting partner study and how to create a profitable aws business using cloudcheckr’s cloud management platform, including: - opportunities to win business with pre-engagement analysis - strategies and best practices to earn higher profitability and margins - how to automate aws invoicing and billing processes at scale
Recorded Webinar June 08, 2017
Amazon EBS: A Crash Course on Reducing Cloud Waste and Improving Performance
amazon ebs: a crash course on reducing cloud waste and improving performance aws elastic block store (ebs) is amazon’s most widely used cloud storage service— and with good reason. it is designed specifically for use with ec2, is suited to a wide variety of use cases, offers four different volume types, and boasts an extensive range of options and features. however, it also represents a significant chunk of your monthly aws bill. so, it’s essential you use ebs wisely by striking the right balance between cost and performance, and eliminating unnecessary waste on storage resources. to make the most of your organization’s cloud spend and leverage resources efficiently, it’s important to understand amazon ebs. this webinar will help you by: • explaining the different ebs volume types from a cost and performance perspective • discussing some of the hidden costs of ebs • providing a few monitoring tips to help you reduce ebs expenditure
Recorded Webinar June 02, 2017
Using Amazon IAM to Secure Your Cloud Investment
using amazon iam to secure your cloud investment the landscape of it and data security has changed since the advent of the cloud. savvy organizations know that they must have visibility and control over their environment to make the most of their investment. tools like amazon identity and access management (iam) can help teams proactively manage and protect their cloud environment. join cloudcheckr ceo aaron newman for a webinar to learn tips for effective and secure cloud deployments, including: - how to address requirements of aws’ shared responsibility model - why anticipating internal threats, as well as external, is crucial for mitigating cloud security risks - what amazon iam is, and how it can help ensure secure and compliant deployments - best practices for using iam to configure user permissions, policies, and more
Recorded Webinar May 19, 2017
TechTalk: CloudCheckr New Features (April - May)
techtalk: cloudcheckr new features (april - may) during this live webinar, learn the latest enhancements to the cloudcheckr cloud management platform. todd bernhard, product marketing manager for cloudcheckr, will highlight the newest noteworthy features, and show you how you can stay updated going forward. the cloudcheckr service is updated frequently… every week in fact, so it’s a challenge to stay informed on all of the new features. attend this webinar and learn the important updates including: - leverage price drops and new pricing policies for aws reserved instances - access over 450 best practice checks - save time and effort with “fix now” capabilities
Recorded Webinar May 15, 2017
AWS CloudTrail 101: Security Analysis & Compliance Auditing
aws cloudtrail 101: security analysis & compliance auditing aws cloudtrail offers an innovative solution to a big problem: logging events in a dynamic cloud environment, and storing and managing those logs in a simple way. collecting the logs, however, is not enough. users need log analytics to run robust cloud operations and without the right tools and methods, you won’t be able to form this data into timely and actionable insight. during this interactive webcast, cloudcheckr evangelist aaron gettings will present attendees with an overview of aws cloudtrail, specifically: - how aws cloudtrail works, including step-by-step setup - aws cloudtrail pricing structure - enabling the proper tools to turn aws logs into actionable insights
Recorded Webinar May 11, 2017
HIPAA Compliance Town Hall: Auditing in the AWS Cloud
hipaa compliance town hall: auditing in the aws cloud the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 (hipaa) requires different rules in the cloud era for staying compliant when it comes to dealing with protected health information (phi). as a result, it leaders must adhere accordingly when operating on a public cloud infrastructure, such as amazon web services (aws), to prevent potential violations and monetary fines. in this live virtual co-panel discussion by aws, corpinfo, and cloudcheckr, we will explore: - what rules affect hipaa compliance and governance in the cloud and who must comply - why hipaa compliance requires continuous monitoring and logging of network and information assets - how to achieve hipaa compliance with aws hipaa quick start - why organizations need to know and understand aws’ shared responsibility model to remain compliant in the cloud - how tools can help validate your security posture and support auditing requirements
Recorded Webinar May 09, 2017
Tag Your IT: Gain Control and Visibility with AWS Tagging
tag your it: gain control and visibility with aws tagging maintaining accountability across an ephemeral iaas infrastructure can be a challenge for finance and devops teams. with the proper tagging strategy and implementation, organizations can manage cloud costs around their ec2 instances and resources. join cloudcheckr may 9th at 1pm eastern, 10am pacific for a live webinar discussing proactive tactics and tips to execute an aws tagging strategy as your organization scales, including: - tagging rule guidelines to gain visibility and control over your asset inventory - cost allocation reports and tools to understand cloud expenses and recognize optimization opportunities - how cloudcheckr can help enforce tagging policies and reduce cloud costs
Recorded Webinar May 04, 2017
AWS Cloud Compliance - What Is it and How to Achieve to It
aws cloud compliance - what is it and how to achieve to it running an organization in the dynamic, ephemeral cloud brings increasing complexity and challenges as your environment scales. the advantages of scalability and flexibility are unquestionable, but assessing and measuring compliance requirements is a full-time job. to mitigate risks in 2017 and beyond, enterprises must proactively plan for cloud-based continuous monitoring, reporting and alerts, and automated response to maintain their governance, risk and compliance posture. you’re invited to a live webinar with aws, allgress and cloudcheckr to learn how to achieve and demonstrate compliance in the cloud to satisfy the auditors, streamline reporting of technical and non-technical controls, and improve workflow across your key stakeholders. in this exclusive webinar, attendees will learn: ●what does it mean to ‘be compliant’ in the public cloud ●why a shared responsibility model is critical for compliance and security in the cloud ●how 3rd party tools help augment the aws compliance framework about the speakers: cloudcheckr and allgress, aws advanced technology partners with certified security competency, enable organizations to reduce the complexity timeframe to achieving compliance in the aws cloud using the integrated regulatory mapping tool (rpm). join cloudcheckr product marketing manger todd bernhard, allgress president and coo jeff bennett, and amazon web services sr. security partner strategist tim sandage as they dive into specific ways of what is means to be compliant and stay that way in the public cloud.
Recorded Webinar April 28, 2017
Maximize Scale & Agility: Leveraging Public Cloud Best Practices & Optimization
maximize scale & agility: leveraging public cloud best practices & optimization building your workloads on aws unleashes speed and agility. to keep your foot on the pedal and stay aggressive, you need to infuse governance and best practices into your patterns. join cloudcheckr co-founder/ceo aaron newman in this webcast as he walks you through best practices and strategies for successfully scaling out your aws environment. in this webinar, learn how to - stay lean and maximize spend - ensure proper controls are in place - apply cost optimization strategies - manage right sizing services and administrative privileges
Recorded Webinar April 25, 2017
3 Keys to Growing AWS Reseller Profitability
3 keys to growing aws reseller profitability scaling up your aws reseller business, managing multiple client accounts, and maintaining profit margins can be complex and time consuming. however, you do not need to try this alone. the right cloud management platform can simplify business operations like invoicing and chargebacks and also optimize purchasing and allocation opportunities to increase revenue. you’re invited to a live webinar with aws and cloudcheckr to learn how to create a profitable aws business using cloudcheckr’s cloud management platform for aws msp and resellers. in this exclusive webinar, attendees will learn: ● why every organization should have a cloud financial administrator ● 3 key strategies to enable higher profitability ● how to automate aws invoicing and billing processes at scale cloudcheckr is an aws advanced technology partner and trusted by 150+ aws authorized resellers and msps, as well as 40% of aws premier consulting partners. join cloudcheckr co-founder/coo aaron klein, director of partner services, alana biltucci, and amazon web services channel strategist mira ayad as they dive into specific ways that aws resellers can increase their margins and grow their aws business.
Recorded Webinar April 17, 2017
Understanding AWS Changes to Reserved Instances
understanding aws changes to reserved instances amazon has made some interesting moves lately regarding how they let customers use reserved instances. it’s good news, but you need to understand how instances are calculated to maximize the savings. plus, there are distinct areas where cloudcheckr’s reserved instance rebalancer can make a difference, such as non-amazon linux instances.
Recorded Webinar April 13, 2017
3 Keys to Cloud Success for Modern Enterprises
3 keys to cloud success for modern enterprises modern enterprises are embracing the cloud for good reason. cloud computing has the potential to save costs, reduce administrative efforts, and increase security. however, there is the potential to make mistakes when moving to and using the cloud. those mistakes can undo all of the gains the cloud promises. cloud management is key to making the move to the cloud a success. in this webinar, attendees will learn the three key concerns when using the cloud, namely: 1) cloud first - the trend and benefits of moving to the cloud 2) cloud security - the new security risks with a cloud infrastructure and how to avoid them 3) cost management - trading one set of expenses for another and how to manage them cloudcheckr is an aws advanced technology partner and trusted by 150+ aws authorized resellers and msps, as well as 40% of aws premier consulting partners. join cloudcheckr product marketing manager todd bernhard as he discusses the common pitfalls modern enterprises should watch out for when moving to the cloud.
Recorded Webinar March 07, 2017
5 Ways CloudCheckr Can Help Simplify Your Complicated AWS Bill Today
5 ways cloudcheckr can help simplify your complicated aws bill today finalized aws bills are in! are you happy with what you see? confused maybe? we’re here to help. at the beginning of each month, many of our customers tend to ask the same questions about their aws bill. we’ve decided to answer the most common ones, and open the floor for an interactive q&a. this webinar, featuring cloudcheckr expert and support team all-star aaron gettings, will go over: - what’s the best way to know when your aws bill is ready? - discrepancies between aws invoices and advanced grouping - charges that do not show up in cloudcheckr until your aws bill is finalized - actions that are delayed until your bill is finalized - account family peculiarities
Recorded Webinar March 02, 2017
Optimize Your EC2 Fleet with CloudCheckr Spot Management
optimize your ec2 fleet with cloudcheckr spot management aws spot instances offer organizations a way to save money on excess compute capacity; any organization running their business in the cloud should be taking advantage of the spot market. however, fluctuating capacity or workload interruptions are an unfortunate reality of spot instances that often deter aws cloud users from using them for mission-critical applications. cloudcheckr spot management, powered by spotinst, offers aws users the visibility, resource predictability, and automatic scaling flexibility they need to manage and optimize their spot fleet. this webcast covers some of the most important considerations cloudcheckr spot management addresses, including: - why visibility and control across ec2 resources is critical to managing and optimizing costs - how spotinst enables more informed, proactive spot market purchases - why predictive analytics and algorithms are key to forecasting capacity needs - how automatic capacity scaling can foster 60-80% cost savings with spot instances
Recorded Webinar February 23, 2017
Tools for Navigating Enterprise Cloud Migration at Scale
tools for navigating enterprise cloud migration at scale the cloud offers powerful potential for organizations to innovate and scale faster. however, concerns of cost allocation and management can derail cloud initiatives before they even get off the ground. with the right planning and strategy in place, however, organizations can recognize the true benefit of running applications and workloads in the cloud. in this co-presented webinar with relus cloud, an aws advanced consulting partner, we’ll discuss how to anticipate and navigate the complexities of moving to the cloud, including: - key business considerations that influence cost and drive organizational efficiency - defining and assessing dependencies that affect cloud migration costs - creating a deployment roadmap to ensure success - managing and optimizing cost as your organization scales over time
Recorded Webinar February 21, 2017
Security Myths Debunked: Running Your Business In the Cloud
security myths debunked: running your business in the cloud organizational efficiency and convenience were the initial appeal of the cloud: add servers when you need them, get rid of them when you don't. offering businesses the ability to automatically scale with workload and application needs, the cloud offers endless potential to grow at scale. as cloud technology continues to evolve and diversify—from public to private, hybrid to multi-cloud—the use cases and potential benefits have also expanded. and, unlike traditional it, cloud performance and capacity drivers also tend to improve infrastructure security. during this webinar, we'll explore: *using cloud security as a competitive advantage for your business *how focus on performance, agility, and efficiency in cloud mutually benefits security *the changes in thinking and design necessary to unlock the cloud’s potential for improving security *practical strategies for automation, monitoring, mitigation and incident response join 451 research and cloudcheckr for an exclusive webinar to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities for organizations looking to leverage the true potential of the cloud. about cloudcheckr: cloudcheckr is a unified cost and security automation platform that gives you visibility, insight, and automation for your aws environment. cloudcheckr delivers a suite of products for cloud operations, security and finance teams for cost management, security and compliance, utilization and inventory.
Recorded Webinar February 02, 2017
Best Practices for Managing Enterprise Cloud at Scale
best practices for managing enterprise cloud at scale to harness the power of enterprise cloud, organizations must improve visibility and control over their ephemeral, highly dynamic cloud infrastructure, without impacting application team agility. in this webinar, you will learn best practices for deploying and managing aws at scale for large enterprises and how cloudcheckr and turbot work together to ensure the success of your enterprise cloud strategy. - key challenges facing enterprises deploying public cloud at scale - best practices for addressing these challenges through implementation of a software defined operations strategy - how the integration between cloudcheckr and turbot can accelerate the maturity of your cloud team
Recorded Webinar January 10, 2017
Saving Money: The Smart Buyer's Strategy to Reserved Instances
saving money: the smart buyer's strategy to reserved instances most organizations can and should benefit from the convenience and cost savings offered by the cloud. reserved instances (ris), specifically, present a tremendous opportunity to save significantly on capacity. however, there are many things to consider to fully reap the benefits of aws reserved instances. during this interactive webinar, you'll learn: - how aws structures, packages, and sells ris, - what to consider when purchasing ris, - why you must manage ris to make good on the cost-savings they offer, - effective workflow for managing your ris, and - insights, tools, and automation for optimizing ri investments.
Recorded Webinar July 21, 2016
How MediaMath Saved $2 Million With CloudCheckr
how mediamath saved $2 million with cloudcheckr discover how mediamath turbo-charged their devops initiative and realized $2 million in cost savings in one year by leveraging cloudcheckr’s unified cloud governance platform and exclusive optimization and data analytics for aws. cloudcheckr helps the most discerning it, security and finance leaders reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and mitigate security risks.